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Executive/Personnel Protective Services

Protection. Consulting. Expertise. Merced Security Service
Recent events expose the vulnerabilities that organizations and executives face both at home and in foreign markets. The increased potential for acts of violence has caused companies worldwide to evaluate their policies and security plans. From workplace violence issues relating to layoffs, terminations and disgruntled employees to dangerous or unstable environments for corporate travelers, About Force Protection Group (AFPG) has the solutions to help ensure their safety.

About Force Protection Group's highly skilled and trained agents have provided protective and investigative solutions on behalf of corporate leaders and their workforce, worldrenowned entertainers, athletes and diplomats. Our belief is that the best executive/personnel protection is based on advance preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with the local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals. We respond 24 hours a day to both known and unforeseen threats and enable the protected individuals to conduct business as usual. Working within realistic parameters, programs can be developed for an effective, yet low profile, awareness and protection program for corporate personnel. Armed or unarmed specially trained agents can provide physical security for an individual, group or location 24 hours a day.

AFPG's Protective Services consist of several key elements designed to ensure the safety of your people, property and assets.

  • Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis
  • Security Surveys and Planning
  • Advance Teams
  • Highly Trained Protection Professionals
  • Transportation and Equipment Coordination
  • Agency Liaison
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Workplace Violence
  • Hostile Terminations
  • Plant Closings
  • Specific Threats
  • Transportation Escort
  • Foreign Travel
  • Special Events
  • Shareholder / Board Meetings

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis. Merced Security Service 
Our consultants work with your organization to conduct a risk analysis to help evaluate the scope of concerns. The analysis includes identification of assets/personnel to be protected, and a threat evaluation of the degree of risk or danger to an employee or operation from acts of violence or terrorism. Depending upon circumstances, this could include additional individuals such as family members. Other factors such as political risk, criminal or terrorist activities may be considered during this process.

Security Surveys and Planning. Merced Security Service 
A comprehensive physical security survey helps to identify strengths and potential vulnerabilities within offices, production facilities, warehouses and residences of key personnel. Recommendations are provided to secure areas or access that
could be considered potential problems. If travel is included in the security plan, factors such as behavior patterns, travel routes, accommodations, and transportation can be evaluated. These surveys become a key component in the overall security planning process. A comprehensive plan providing cost-effective recommendations to implement security strategies, policies and procedures,
executive/personnel protection, training, and emergency planning can be provided.

Advance Teams. Merced Security Service 
Activities or events including high-profile executives sometimes require an Advance Team to conduct on-site inspections, evaluate risks, and implement security measures. Our security professionals can coordinate travel routes, accommodations, communications, and establish contingency countermeasures in case of a breach of security thresholds or other incidents.

Highly Trained Protection Professionals
AFPG agents have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, Military and Corporate Security, and have received specialized training in firearms, law, social sciences, sensitivity and dignitary protection. AFPG provides unparalleled service, quality and experience and a level of security and protection you may require. Our highly competent and confidential agents provide armed or unarmed protection, and have additional training in evasive driving and anti-kidnapping techniques.

Transportation and Equipment Coordination 
AFPG can provide security drivers trained in evasive driving techniques and arrange ground transportation in advance for pick-up and drop-off to client destinations. Coordination of armor-plated vehicles, chartered jet service, or other means of transportation can be handled through AFPG. Our security professionals utilize the necessary equipment required for secured communications and protection including cell phones, 2-way radios with secured frequencies, defensive weapons, and bulletproof wear. Technical surveillance countermeasures
(TSCM) can also be implemented.

Agency Liaison
Every good plan relies on good communication. AFPG acts as a liaison to local & federal law enforcement, fire departments, intelligence & state departments, medical personnel & agencies, and military forces where necessary by coordinating pertinent information and activities to help make the overall plan run smoothly

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